Local Northern VA Plumbers

My Plumber Heating and Cooling of Northern Virginia is the local, trusted expert for all plumbing, heating, AC repair and maintenance. With over 30 years of plumber service and heating and air repair, our plumbers have seen everything your home’s faucets, toilets and pipes have to hide….and they know how to fix it right the first time.

Local Plumbing Experts

Many homes and businesses in Northern Virginia depend on sump pumps to keep flooding at bay during heavy rains and snow melt. My Plumber Heating and Cooling are specialists have extensive knowledge of sump pump systems, battery-backup sump pump systems, and water-powered sump pump systems that never fail, as long as the fresh water supply holds out. They understand all of the available options and the pros and cons of each.

Full Range Of Plumbing Services:

Repairs and Replacements – For more than a quarter of a century, My Plumber Heating and Cooling has specialized in the repair and replacement of existing plumbing systems. Our experienced, professional technicians can handle any challenge. Our Plumbing check is only $49!

Residential and Commercial – Our professionals are trained to perform work in the home or at the office. My Plumber Heating and Cooling can handle everything from garbage disposal replacement and leaking toilets to water heater repairs and installation.

Drain Service – Our skilled technicians will clear main line stoppages and repair sewer lines. We offer free video inspection of sewer lines after rooter service to ensure that the cause of the backup has been eliminated. Drain and rooter service for only $99.

Toilets – Our plumbers perform simple toilet repairs to replacements using Toto, American Standard, Kohler and other brand names.

Vanities and Faucets – My Plumber will repair or replace leaking faucets, drain stoppers and chrome, brass or nickel fixtures. Our professionals are also capable of installing or relocating vanities of any size or shape.

Quest Pipe Repair – Quest, or poly pipe, is polybutylene pipe that was commonly used in 1980s and early to mid-1990s construction. It is prone to micro-fractures caused by interaction of the pipe material with chlorinated water. These tiny cracks can lead to sudden system failure, with attendant water damage. Our plumbing experts have the skills necessary to repair these pipes. We document the repair properly and, under certain conditions, we will replace the whole system.

Sewer Injectors and Sump Pumps – We repair and replace sump pumps and sewage injectors. We will diagnose and repair sump pump backups, odor, noise or problems with sewage injectors.

Leak Locator – We locate leaks and repair leaking toilets, leaky pipes and dripping drain lines to eliminate a problem that is at the very least annoying and costly and at worst hazardous to your health.