toilet-repair-partsA toilet that won’t stop running is not only annoying and aggravating, it can be very expensive, as clean water is continually going down the drain. While ‘jiggling the handle’ may alleviate the problem temporarily, it’s best to identify the source of the malfunction and repair it permanently.

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When your toilet won’t stop running, it can cost you a lot of money! A running toilet will, unfortunately, use a staggering 40 percent of your household water supply (as much as 4,000 gallons per day) if it is allowed to run continuously with no interruption or intervention.

Why Won’t My Toilet Stop Running?

There are a few reasons why your toilet can malfunction; resulting in a running toilet. The most common problem involves the chain that connects the ball valve to the flushing handle. If it is tangled or broken, the ball valve is unable to shut completely, which causes the tank to keep refilling, and sends unlimited amounts of water into the toilet bowl. The other reason a toilet might keep running involves the flush handle, which sometimes becomes loose and disconnects from the ball valve. This causes the ball valve to malfunction by not closing properly and allows water to flow without any restriction.

Over the course of time, the components that make up the flushing mechanism in the back of our toilets deteriorate. Seals and valves that are made of rubber can literally fall apart. Chains break and connecting rods snap. Any of these problems can certainly contribute to a constantly running toilet.

What Can Be Done to Stop My Toilet From Running?

Your local My Plumber technician can inspect your toilet, and determine what is causing it to run constantly.  Mostly likely the fix for a constantly running toilet is to have a professional plumber replace the flushing mechanism, especially if there are damaged or deteriorated parts.

Fixing your toilet correctly, the first time, has many benefits.  First, and foremost, the toilet repair will help your family conserve water.  That means savings on your monthly water bill – and who doesn’t enjoy having more money in our pockets?  Secondly, the annoying noise of a continually running toilet is over! Enjoy the sweet sound of silence.

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