Use Your Tax Refund to Invest in Your Home with A Tankless Water Heater

Use Your Tax Refund to Invest in Your Home with A Tankless Water Heater

Getting a tax refund can be the silver lining to paying taxes. You have many choices when deciding how to spend your tax refund. Investing your refund in your home can have major and lasting benefits.

Investing in a tankless water heater from My Plumber Heating and Cooling can help reduce your carbon footprint and save you a considerable amount of money. While the initial investment might seem like a lot, qualifying tankless water heaters come with a federal tax rebate of approximately $300.

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More Efficient Than Tank Heaters

Tankless water heaters are extremely efficient. They use only the energy necessary to heat the amount of water that you’re using, unlike tank heaters which heat several gallons of water at a time. A tankless water heater and can save you as much as a 20% on your energy bills.

Tankless Water Heaters Take Up Less Space

Tankless water heaters take up less space than tank heaters and can be mounted on the wall or stored under cabinets or in closets. However, it’s important that you don’t go too small. A small tankless water heater might not be able to handle your family’s water heating needs. Our experienced technicians can help you decide which model is best for your home.

No Risk Of Flooding

Since tankless water heaters don’t have a tank, there is absolutely no risk of flooding. While leaks are possible with any type of plumbing appliance or fixture, a tankless water heater won’t cause the same damage as fifty gallons of water from the tank of a traditional water heater.

Lasts Years Longer Than A Tank Heater

Tankless water heaters outlive tank heaters by as much as five to ten years. This eliminates the cost and hassle of having to replace your water heater every eight to twelve years.

My Plumber recommends using Navien Tankless Water Heaters.

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Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

One investment that is great to have in your home is a tankless water heater. A tankless water heater can help save on energy usage. Tankless water heaters help save energy because they are only used when you need them. You will not waste energy keeping water hot at all times.

Tankless water heaters are small in size and can help save you space. They can also help you save money. There are two different types of tankless water heaters. This is very helpful because not every home benefits from the same type of heater. If you are considering going tankless with your water heater, you will need to learn about their benefits and contact your plumber to learn about your options.

Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

  • There are two different types of tanks: electric and gas. Electric tanks use electrical currents to heat the water, while gas tanks use burners with high pressure.
  • More Hot Water: Tankless water heaters will allow you to use more than one appliance at a time.
  • Tankless Water Heaters Do Not Have to Store Hot Water: A tankless water heater heats the water right when you need it.
  • Good for Families That Are All About Going Green: Tankless water heaters help reduce impact on the environment.
  • Space Saving: Depending on the climate where you live, you can hang your tankless water heater on a wall either inside your home or outside.
  • Lasts Longer: The lifespan of a tankless water heater is about 10-15 years with some being able to last 20 years, if they are maintained properly.
  • Cleaner Water: Since tankless water heaters have no tank there is nowhere for impurities to build up. With nowhere for impurities to build up, this means you will have cleaner water.

When deciding which tank is best for your home you will need to consider size. With the help of a professional you will be able to find the perfect type of tank and tank size for your home. If you get the wrong size it will not be able to heat the water as it should. So, if you need help, call My Plumber today. Here at My Plumber we will be able to help you better understand tankless water heaters and find the one that works best with your home. Our trained technicians can help you better understand the differences between each tank as well as the benefits of each.