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During the American Civil War, Corbitt’s Charge was fought in the streets of Westminster. Around that time a young, native attorney, Francis Scott Key, went to beg the release of a doctor from a British ship. He succeeded in gaining the doctor’s freedom, but only after he witnessed the Bombardment of Fort McHenry and wrote a poem about it. That song was the Star Spangled Banner. Since then it has been pretty quiet around Carroll County and the homeowners from Manchester to Westminster like it that way.

Many homes in Carroll County are rural farms and the home is also the family business. Heating service, air conditioner service repairs and plumber service are a vital necessity that must be attended to quickly and with as much professionalism as possible. This is why Mt. Airy, Sykesville and Taneytown homeowners call on My Plumber Heating and Cooling to address their heat pump repair, sewer clogs, air conditioning repair and furnace service needs. They know that with 30 years in the industry My Plumber Heating and Cooling plumbers and HVAC technicians are quick, efficient and will get the job done correctly the first time.

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