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When John Smith first explored the area that would become Calvert County he commented on the fertility of the land, the abundance of wild life and he said “the streams are crystal clear, and full of fish”. He knew that it would make a great place to live. During the next 50 years the area would be settled with colonists, ready to carve a home out of the deeply-wooded land.

These days Calvert County includes the areas of North Beach and Chesapeake Beach and practices controlled growth, keeping these communities within specific town-center boundaries, preserving farmlands and rural areas, and protecting these places from urban sprawl. North Beach and Chesapeake Beach residents appreciate the advantages this kind of planning affords them. They enjoy all the advantages of the urban lifestyle without the loss of good farmland and rural scenery.

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North Beach and Chesapeake Beach homeowners get the same kind of satisfaction when they call on My Plumber Heating and Cooling for their plumber service, or heating repair and air conditioner service repair needs. My Plumber offers upfront pricing so homeowners are never faced with sticker shock and the company evaluates the skill level, background, and drug tests each new HVAC technician or plumber before an offer of permanent employment is made.

North Beach and Chesapeake Beach homeowners enjoy working with My Plumber Heating and Cooling technicians because the company’s 30 years of experience in the industry lets residents know the techs will be there when needed and they will get the work done right.

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