Know the Warning Signs

Drain clogs happen; they are a fact of life for homeowners. If infrequent line clogging is a problem, there are easy solutions to clear a drain that most homeowners can try. But if your drains clog all of the time, this may be a sign of a big problem! Roots from trees and other large vegetation will damage sewer lines leading to clogged, overflowing, and slow-flowing drains. An indication of this problem can sometimes be a “gurgling” noise that comes from your toilet.

Basement Flooding

Basements will flood due to clogging in your main sewer line. If you pipe is fully clogged, waste will not be able to flow away from your home and will leave water and sewage nowhere to go other than backing up into your basement.

Typically a clog will consist of roots that have worked their way into your sewer line or from products being flushed down your toilet that should not be.

We provide Electronic Cabling Services along with a Video Sewer Inspection to determine the exact culprit and then eliminate the problem.

Inspection and Maintenance

When your drains clog frequently, are difficult to clear, and are possibly emitting gurgling noises, you know it is time to call a drain specialist and have your drain and sewer lines inspected. Our Technicians will inspect your drainpipes by performing a Video Sewer Inspection to accurately locate damaged areas. Once our inspection is complete and we have an accurate assessment of your problem, our Technician will give you his recommendations. A worst case scenario is that lines with severe root damage may need to be replaced.

To avoid major types of sewer repairs, clean sewer lines regularly and inspect the structure of the pipes through a Video Inspection. Regular maintenance and clearing your lines prevents root growth inside of your pipes. Sewer-line maintenance will require threading a cable through your sewer pipe cutting through clogs or tree roots which cleans y sewer pipe to the inner walls.

Preventative Maintenance

Call us today if your drains are slow to clear or if you are experiencing flooding in your basement. Have one of our Technicians perform maintenance could save you a ton of money in the long run!

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