Indoor Air Quality

Are allergies to dust, pollen, smoke, pet dander, smog and tobacco ruining your home indoor air quality? My Plumber Heating and Cooling offers a variety of products, including the ActivTek Air Scrubber, the 99.98% efficient Accuclean by American Standard for peak performance, that will help you improve indoor air quality. We also offer Honeywell 5” pleated filters, commercial 2” filters and high efficiency 1” pleated filters. Our technicians can perform indoor air quality testing to assess your particular needs. Here are 5 Simple Steps to Improve your home’s Indoor Air Quality:

Indoor Air Quality Testing Companies Near Me1) Call My Plumber Heating and Cooling. Our technicians will perform indoor air quality test to assess your particular needs.

2) Keep your floors fresh. Chemicals and allergens can accumulate in household dust for decades.

3) Do the Laundry. Large pieces of fabric harbor dust mites and other allergens.

4) Keep it out. Put a large floor mat at every door.

5) Groom your pets. During the winter, your pets probably spend more time indoors. That means more fur and dander are floating around your home.