Thermostat Repairs in Northern VA

Thermostats help your HVAC equipment maintain optimal temperature. Today’s electronic thermostats are a vast departure from older mechanical styles. Microprocessors in them allow you to program your temperature to suit your lifestyle.

Electronic programmable thermostats work much the same way as older, manual thermostats did. The microprocessor inside your thermostat compares the thermometer reading to the desired temperature you select. The thermometer then gives start and stop commands to your HVAC system bringing your temperature to the level that makes you comfortable.

Programmable thermostats work similarly but are far more convenient.   Once you program your thermostat, it customizes your system’s operation to fit your lifestyle and schedule.  Once programmed, you can relax and let it do all the work. Programmed into its memory are the temperatures you desire during various times of the day.  We even carry models of thermostats that allow you to adjust your settings remotely from a smart phone, computer or tablet.

The most important way that a programmable thermostat saves energy is in its setback feature. When you don’t need a certain level of heating or cooling, you can program the thermostat to set the temperature to your desired temperature.

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