Hydronic Heating & Boilers

Boilers are an important part of a home heating system, considered to be not only highly efficient but cost-effective. They can be powered by natural gas, oil, propane or electricity.

There are two types of boilers:

buderas boilersHot Water Boilers – These are small, low maintenance units that heat water to a temperature of 160-180 degrees Fahrenheit. The heated water is circulated through a building’s pipes, which heats up the radiators within each room. The water eventually cools and is directed back to the boiler through a return pipe and the process starts again.

Steam Boilers – Not as commonly used today, they are much more complex than hot water boilers. Found in mostly older homes that haven’t converted yet, they operate with pressure gauges, blow-off valves, automatic feeds and special gauge glass. Steam heat is created from water that is heated in a gas, oil or electric boiler. It then goes through pipes and radiators or convectors, where the steam turns into water and cycles back to the boiler.

My Plumber can handle boiler repairs to any system you have in your home or office, and can even provide emergency boiler repair any time of day or night. If we assess that your unit is beyond fixing or totally outdated and inefficient, we can also do a complete installation of a brand-new, energy-saving boiler.

We install and provide boiler repair service to all makes and models including oil fired and gas fired boilers and other hot water-based systems. Among the top brands we use are Burnham, Columbia and American Standard boilers.

Customer service is our number one goal, and we want to make sure you enjoy the pleasure of the warm, comfortable and worry-free home that you deserve. If you suspect your boiler in Virginia or Maryland is in need of attention, call My Plumber and one of our experienced, knowledgeable technicians will be there to help. We are licensed for both residential and commercial boiler repair and proudly serve clients with their Arlington, Alexandria, Herndon, Silver Spring and Springfield, Virginia boiler needs.