3 Winter Plumbing Mistakes to Avoid

plumbing mistakesWe’re right in the middle of winter and it’s time to really step up your homeowner responsibilities. If you start to slack now, not only will you not be as prepared for the warmer weather as you should be, you could find yourself having some serious financial issues during the colder months.

Plumbing, for instance, is an essential aspect of home ownership that you should never take for granted. Demand for pipe fitters and local plumbers is extremely strong nowadays. The number of employed plumbers is expected to increase 21% by 2022, versus 11% across all other occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Because of the weather, you and the rest of your family will be inside the house much more over the winter. There are all kinds of problems that can arise from spending that much time indoors. In order to keep your family comfortable this winter and avoid some serious plumbing issues, be sure to not make any major winter plumbing mistakes. Here are some of the most common plumbing mistakes that homeowners often make during the winter.

Not insulating your home’s pipes
You need to make sure you are insulating your pipes before the freezing temperatures come or you’ll be dealing with major issues. It doesn’t matter if you have copper piping or plastic, you need to properly prepare your piping for the winter. You can use heat tape to keep your pipes from freezing, but you must use a tape that will not overheat and cause a safety risk.

Pouring grease down the drain
Since your family will be indoors all winter long, there will probably be a lot of cooking going on. Do your best to ensure that you and everyone else in your family refrains from pouring all that grease down the sink. When grease and other food particles go down the drain, it eventually causes a clog that can lead to some major plumbing issues.

Flushing non-toilet-appropriate items
No matter what kind of toilet you have inside your home, it is designed to only flush three things: toilet paper, liquid waste, and solid waste. Placing anything else inside the toilet and attempting to flush can ruin your home’s plumbing and lead to some very costly repairs.

Make sure you avoid these plumbing mistakes at all costs. If you need professional assistance, contact My Plumber today.

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