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Heating Services


Heating Services

My Plumber Heating and Cooling is the company to call when you need professional repairs.  Our Technicians are able to repair any heating system.  We can also install a more efficient system if needed. Our technicians will listen to you, assess your heating needs and help you choose a system that meets your requirements as well as your budget.  We also have financing options available should you need them.

Increase your comfort and lower energy costs with a new heat pump and humidifier. Experience the pleasure of walking barefoot on warm radiant flooring in the middle of winter with a radiant floor heating system. Find yourself surrounded by quality air by installing a whole house humidifier or UV lighting.  Whatever your heating system needs, you can be sure that My Plumber Heating and Cooling’s skilled technicians will quickly and efficiently deliver the results you want – with courtesy and respect.

Better – Cleaner – Faster

You can be sure that My Plumber’s skilled technicians will deliver the results that you need, when you need them – with both courtesy and respect.  Our technicians participate in hours of training and regularly attend manufacturers’ classes to guarantee that their skills are current with all of the latest technology.

Our Technicians use drop cloths, shoe covers and floor-protecting mats at every installation, repair or inspection. Our trucks are well-stocked and parts are readily available throughout our service area. This means that we can complete jobs quickly, without unnecessary delays.

All Makes and Models

My Plumber Heating and Cooling can service and repair all makes and models of heating equipment.  We also offer Furnaces with annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratings of 80%, 85%, 90% and modulating furnaces are also available – they can help save money and over time,  end up paying for themselves.

Central Heating

Do you have problems with your gas or electric central heating system? Do you have cold spots or hot spots?  Do you have A furnace that runs constantly or a noisy furnace and high energy bills? We have solutions with options to suit every central air and heating system and budget.  Our Technicians can handle any type of central heating problem.

Duct Cleaning

My Plumber Heating and Cooling can help with all of your Duct Cleaning needs.

Floor Heaters and Furnaces

A floor furnace is a type of heating system that is installed below the floor. When installation is complete, the furnace is level with the floor. The furnace works by sending heated air into the room, where it disperses. These furnaces are a common heating system in older homes, and they make a good choice for homeowners that wish to update their older home that does not contain ductwork. These systems radiate heat into the home, so ductwork is not necessary.

Heat Pumps

From heat pump troubleshooting to repair and replacement, My Plumber can take care of your needs. We can provide you with a high-efficiency heat pump with an electric back-up system, or a hybrid system that utilizes a furnace as a secondary heat source. These systems provide the ultimate in comfort on even the coldest winter days

Hydronic Boiler Systems

If you are considering hydronic heating or are in need of service or repairs our Technicians are able to help.  .

Hydronic Boiler System Benefits

If you’re ready to make a change or simply want to learn more about how this type of system can work for you, give us a call. One of our trained HVAC Technicians will answer your questions and provide a detailed, in-depth estimate for your needs.

Indoor Air Quality

During the colder months, most of us spend more time inside.  Be sure to address indoor allergens that affect air quality such as dust, pollen, smoke, pet dander, smog, and tobacco. My Plumber Heating and Cooling offers a variety of indoor air quality products which include filters, UV lighting, whole house humidifiers and duct cleaning services.

Thermostats (Programmable)

We offer programmable thermostats, including units with a large number display that are simple and easy to use. We carry Honeywell thermostats that can tell you the outdoor temperature and communicate with the rest of your system to ensure premium running condition.

Once you program your thermostat, it customizes your system’s operation to fit your lifestyle and schedule.  Once programmed, you can relax and let it do all the work. Programmed into its memory are the temperatures you desire during various times of the day.  We even carry models of thermostats that allow you to adjust your settings remotely from a smart phone, computer or tablet.

Repairs and Replacements

If you need heating repair, My Plumber Heating and Cooling can get your ailing unit back up and running with replacement parts from local vendors. If it’s time for replacing your unit, our Technicians will help you with a new system that meets your needs.  They will also make sure that you know what all of your options are and that you are equipped to make a decision that best suits your needs.

Zone HVAC Controls

Are you too hot upstairs and are you freezing downstairs? If you answered yes, then your home is a prime candidate for a zoned system. We can install Honeywell or Arzel zoning thermostats in areas that need improved temperature control.

From a rooftop commercial gas pack to a small studio apartment split system, My Plumber Heating and Cooling has experience with all types of heating systems. We offer commercial maintenance plans and a VIP Club for residential maintenance that can help extend the life of your warranty.  Did you know that 62% of all equipment breakdowns could have been avoided by simply having it maintained with service check-ups and tuning?